This is How You Take Care of Your Surface Pro Battery

By Azrul Abas    February 25, 2022

Microsoft Surface Pro

The most common type of battery used by modern portable devices is lithium-ion as it charges fast, discharges at a steady rate, and comes with high energy density with a small package. Unsurprisingly, the Microsoft Surface Pro laptops also use lithium-ion batteries as their power supply to maximize performance.

Before diving in, it’s important to take note that the capacity of battery cells will diminish as you use up the laptop’s charge cycles. This will cause a shorter interval between charges and results in lower battery capacity.

One thing you can do is to ensure that your battery level drains below 50% regularly as it helps to minimize the deterioration of the battery cells. By updating the device with the latest driver and firmware, this will help to preserve the battery’s longevity.

Maximizing the Surface Pro Battery

The performance and the capacity of the laptop will decrease as it gets older and as more cycle counts are used up. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure that your battery does not deteriorate faster:

  • Do not use or charge your device at an extreme temperature as they will accelerate deterioration or maybe a permanent loss of the battery health and capacity. For instance, do not leave your Surface Pro in a hot car.
  • When you keep your device at a full charge, it actually makes your battery lose the capacity faster. Drain it below 50% regularly before you charge it again. If you really need to plug in the battery continuously, the Surface Pro and other Surface models have a feature called Battery Limit Mode to limit the battery state of charge. 

Surface Pro Features to Help Optimize your Battery Life

These following features are available on the Surface Pro and other Surface devices to help optimize the battery performance and keeps the battery healthy for longer periods of time:

  • Battery Smart Charging – is a feature that helps protect the battery from the effects of charging patterns and high temperatures that may cause the battery to deteriorate and lead to bloating.This feature is always active and will engage automatically when it senses that the device has been plugged in for too long or if it’s been used at high temperatures. However, it will be turned off when the battery is at below 20% health.

  • Battery Limit Mode - is a feature available for users who need to keep the device being plugged in for a long period of time. When this feature is enabled, the device will limit the battery charging capacity for up to 50%.

  • Battery Lifespan Saver - is a feature that is designed to protect the battery from the effects of high temperature and high states of charges. This feature complements the other optimizing features that function to limit the number of charging voltages to maximize the lifespan of the battery.

And there you have it, these are some of the essential features to ensure that you keep your Surface Pro battery from deteriorating quickly and that you are able to maximize the usage of the device.

However, just like all electronic devices, the laptop’s battery will be worn out and would require a Surface Pro battery replacement down the line. If this happens, you may need to go to a service center or even try your hand at replacing it yourself.

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