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iPad Battery Replacement

The most affordable iPad battery replacement in Singapore. Book an appointment with us now to get your iPad battery health back to 100%. With a 6 month warranty and no extra hidden cost, Mend ensures that you get the best service and quality for all your devices repaired.

Some of the common symptoms for an iPad battery replacement includes the iPad battery life draining more quickly than before due to bad battery health, the back of the iPad being swollen or your iPad shutting down abruptly and randomly even though the battery percentage is not close to 0%.

While the iPad’s battery is designed to last around up to 10 hours, frequent and heavy usage will shorten this time as its life cycle reduces. If the iPad’s battery life depletes faster than usual, it might be a sign that the battery is no longer performing at its optimal level.

Some ways that you can do to ensure that your iPad battery lasts longer is by not using your iPad while charging it and not to expose it to constant hot weather as this will affect the device. Keep it at room temperature at all times. Take note that you should be using the original charging cable when charging your iPad as cheap cable may cause further damage to your iPad battery health.