iPhone Services

Fix It Yourself

  1. Purchase device parts

  2. Follow our replacement guides

  3. Contact us if you need help

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Repair Services

  1. Book an appointment

  2. Head down to your store

  3. Enjoy same-day repair

iPhone Repair and Replacement Services

Almost everyone is carrying their smartphone around and any faulty issues requires an iPhone repair that is fast, cheap and reliable. From iPhone 5 to iPhone 11 PROMAX, we have the parts in stock to ensure that our technicians are able to mend your device.

Looking for the cheapest iPhone battery and screen replacement? Simply purchase the parts from our product page and fix it yourself! We have step by step guides that you can follow to ensure that you are able perform your battery or screen replacement and reparing it like a pro.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment with us to come down to our repair shop for your iPhone screen or battery repair. Our reliable technicians will ensure the quickest turnaround and best service for your iPhone repair.