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Fix It Yourself

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  3. Contact us if you need help

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Repair Services

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MacBook Repair and Replacement Services

Whether is it a MacBook repair or MacBook part replacement, provide affordable options for you to choose. You can either fix it yourself by purchasing the MacBook battery, speaker or fan replacement and then follow our step by step guide to install or you can simply book an appointment with us to repair it for you.

One of the most common issues we have seen would be the MacBook battery replacement, be it the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina battery. For those interested in finding the most affordable and cheapest solution, you can try your hand at fixing it yourself. Simply purchase the parts on our product page and then follow the MacBook parts replacement guides provided.

However, for those who are unsure, we can carry out a diagnosis to determine the issue before working on the repair. Our Mac repair technicians will be there to answer and help any queries you might have for your device. Whether it’s the MacBook battery running out of cycle count or the speakers getting faulty, is the best MacBook replacement service to help you mend your device.


Yes, we do have a space where you could come to pick-up or purchase your orders. We are located at 100 Eunos Avenue 7, #01-01. We are open on weekdays, 1pm - 7pm and weekends 2pm - 6pm. Please inform us beforehand if you are coming down.

1. Charge your Macbook to 100% 2. Unplug your Macbook and use it normally to drain the battery 3. Save your work when you see the low battery warning 4. Keep your Macbook on until it goes to sleep due to low battery 5. Charge your laptop uninterrupted to 100%